#3 LL: The Importance of Gathering Together

Show Notes

In this episode, we’re talking about gathering. We are currently practicing “physical distancing”. I used to call it “social distancing”, but a friend of mine helped me realize that we are physically apart but not socially apart.

During this time, I’m realizing how important gathering is for me, especially physically gathering. Before all of this, I took gathering for granted – it was always there! Personally and professionally, gathering has centered around people physically gathering together, but we can gather without being physically present with one another.

Now we are in a time where we have to be a bit more creative with how we gather. What’s great is that we can gather without physically gathering and we need to be connecting with one another. Zoom, Google, Skype are wonderful tools we have at our disposal during these times for both personal and professional uses.

Next Steps

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